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If you were arrested, cited, or ticketed for your participation in any social justice protests in the Los Angeles area, the NLG-LA’s Mass Defense Committee (MDC) is here to support you through navigating the legal system post-arrest and help alleviate any confusion and anxiety you may have about what comes next. To request legal support from the MDC, please fill out the following form: We will evaluate the information submitted through this form and follow up with you shortly.



The MDC can provide support at three critical stages

Before an action:

Through our Know Your Rights (KYR) Training program, the MDC in partnership with volunteer criminal defense attorneys conducts trainings for protestors, organizers, and movement partners to inform them of their constitutional rights when protesting and provide information on important legal consequences to be aware of before, during, and after an action. To request a KYR training for your organization please fill out this form. If you are a criminal defense attorney working in the Los Angeles area with experience defending protest cases and are interested in volunteering with the MDC, please fill out the following form:

During an action:

For protests and actions, the NLG-LA Legal Observer Program provides volunteer legal observers at demonstrations to observe and document potentially unlawful or unjustified interference with demonstrators’ rights by law enforcement. Check out the Legal Observing Program under the Resources tab for additional information. 

After an action:

We help people navigate the legal process post-arrest, support with arrest-related issues, and leverage the political and legal power of our volunteer attorney network to push for no filings of criminal charges against arrested protestors. Additionally, we coordinate pro bono criminal defense representation for individuals on a case-by-case basis, based on the facts and circumstances surrounding a protest related arrest. Because our network is made up entirely of volunteer attorneys, we cannot guarantee individual legal representation to every single person who reaches out to us for support. We also work in collaboration with Jail Support services to identify protestors who are in need of legal support.