Our Board and Staff

NLG Los Angeles Board and Staff Meeting

The Executive Board of NLG-LA, elected each December by NLG-LA’s membership, is responsible for fundraising and governing the finances, operations, and programmatic work of the organization.  The Executive Board (currently 35 members) meets monthly to discuss the organization’s business and programs, and communicates on a regular basis through an email list serve. The Executive Board, at its first meeting of the calendar year, elects an Executive Committee comprised of two co-Presidents, a Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Web Development, and Treasurer.  The Executive Committee is tasked with governing the staff and day-to-day operations of the organization.

Many of our Board members are members of the organizations and associations we work with, or are members of the communities of color that are most impacted by our country’s systems of injustice.  Our board members participate in the Guild’s programmatic work through their membership on committees or on special projects.


  • Kath Rogers
    Executive Director

2018 List of Board Members:


  • Maria Hall & Gilbert Saucedo
  • Erin Darling
    Immediate Past President
  • Kath Rogers
    Executive Director
  • Dickran Sevlian
  • Jay Shin,


  • Brigit Alvarez
  • Renee Amador
  • Cynthia Anderson-Barker
  • Jennifer Canales
  • Joe Doherty
  • Jessie Duncan
  • Patrick Dunlevy
  • Colleen Flynn
  • Zach Genduso
  • Barbara Hadsell
  • Betty Hung
  • Jim Lafferty, Executive Director Emeritus
  • John Michael Lee
  • Martin Lijtmaer
  • Pasquale Lombardo
  • Emi MacLean
  • Bob Myers
  • Victor Narro
  • Sandino Navarro
  • Ben O’Donnell
  • Olu Orange
  • Daniel Ortiz-O’Neill
  • Sri Panchalam
  • Eric Post
  • Tarek Shawky
  • Gary Silbiger
  • Helen Sklar
  • Carol Sobel
  • Rachel Steinback
  • Matthew Strugar
  • Kyle Todd
  • Laurie Traktman
  • Julia Vasquez