Legal Observing Program

National Lawyer Guild Legal Observer ProgramCovering Los Angeles County and Orange County

NLG-LA works to ensure the legal and practical access to demonstrations in Southern California by regularly providing legal observers at demonstrations to observe and document potentially unlawful or unjustified interference with demonstrators’ rights by law enforcement. Our legal observers are all volunteers, and are comprised of attorneys, legal workers, law students, and activists. All observers must be at least 18 years old and undergo an NLG legal observer training.

Request a legal observer

To request legal observers at your action or protest, please complete the above form as far in advance of the action as possible. Please be prepared to provide detailed information regarding the protest. We only send out requests to our network of legal observers after a request has been properly fielded by NLG staff and sufficient information has been provided.

Following a request from organizers to deploy legal observers, the following criteria will be used to prioritize our limited resources:

  • Action is aligned with NLG’s values
  • Actions will be prioritized that have a high likelihood of law enforcement presence and/or counter-protester presence
  • Pre-planned, non-exigent actions will be prioritized when organizers give reasonable notice of their legal observer request (ideally, one week advance notice of the action).

Legal Observer 101 training calendar for remainder of 2020. Please register in advance

Tuesday, November 10 from 5PM to 6:30PM

Registration link: CtqTIqEtUBz1yIDWrrtKfNEw5j_lta

Monday, November 23 from 12PM to 1:30PM

Registration link: CtqjguG9LSOQmZDll1h8X3t45nu6QB

Tuesday, December 8 from 5PM to 6:30PM

Registration link: u

Monday, December 21 from 12PM to 1:30PM

Registration link: mrpj8iG9YFBg8kiQctU6GZi4xh-TNA