NLG Los Angeles Chapter Committe MeetingThe Guild’s primary programmatic work takes place through its Committees.  Members of a committee may be any member of the Guild chapter.  The following is a list of NLG-LA’s current active committees.

List of 2018 Committees

  • Immigration Committee: Meets on the second Wednesday of the month at noon. To get involved contact Pasquale Lombardo at
  • Workers Rights Committee: Meets of the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm. To get involved, contact Ben O’Donnell at
  • NexGen (Next Generation) Committee: NextGen welcomes law students, recent graduates, legal workers, new lawyers, and law school candidates interested in radical lawyering and social change. It provides mentorship opportunities and other pathways for new Guild members to plug in to the chapter’s work. Contact to get involved.
  • Legal Observer Committee: Meets regularly to create best practices and policies for our legal observer program. Contact to get involved.
  • Black and People of African Descent Task Force: Task force dedicated to building the Chapter’s capacity to meet the increased demand for Black legal observers and to provide a broader range of legal support in the City of Los Angeles. The objectives of the newly formed task force are to:
    • Develop an outreach program to encourage Black law associations, Black student association, as well as Black paralegal and community member participation in the legal observer program;
    • Apprentice Black NLG-LA members to assume leadership roles in the legal observer program;
    • Develop a legal education public awareness program for the Black community and Black activist organizations.

To get involved, contact

  • Housing Committee: Contact to get involved.
  • Weinglass Political Defense Committee: Provides pro bono or low bono criminal defense representation to progressive activists. Contact to get involved.