NLG-LA Committees

Immigration Committee: The NLG-LA Immigration Committee fights for immigrants’
rights through an intersectional and anti-racist lens.

The Committee:

(1) promotes radical and rebellious advocacy through education and collective problem solving; (2) uplifts and supports systemically oppressed immigrant rights advocates; (3) listens and learns from the communities we serve towards liberation and co-creates tools to fight the system; and (4) strives to dismantle and disrupt racist, unjust, hegemonic laws and systems.

For more information or to get involved with the immigration committee, please reach
out to To view the committee’s public calendar, please
visit The committee holds regular monthly meetings
at 12:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Join us!

Workers Rights Committee: For more information or to get involved with the committee, please reach out to

Environmental Justice Committee: For more information or to get involved with the committee, please reach out to Morgan Ricketts at

Housing Committee: The Housing Committee co-sponsors informational Zoom sessions with the Eviction Defense Network and ACCE for tenants to access legal advice, every Thursday evening. These sessions run weekly at 5pm on Thursdays. The link to attend the sessions is available here.

Black and People of African Descent Task Force: LA is a multicultural city, and NLG-LA needs to meet the needs of the communities with whom we work and provide legal support/legal observers. NLG-LA is establishing a Black and People of African Descent Task Force to build the Chapter’s capacity to meet the increased demand for Black legal observers and to provide a broader range of legal support in the City of Los Angeles and LA County. 

The objectives of the newly formed task force are to:

  • Develop an outreach program to encourage Black law associations,
    Black Law Students Association (BLSA), as well as Black paralegal
    and community member participation in the legal observer program;
  • Apprentice Black NLG-LA members to assume leadership roles in the
    legal observer program; and
  • Develop a legal education public awareness program for the Black
    community and Black activist organizations.
    To get involved with BPAD please contact Fre’Drisha Dixon at:

Other Volunteer Opportunities

NLG-LA’s Mass Defense Work: NLG-LA provides post-arrest legal support and pro bono legal representation on a case-by-base basis to progressive activists, organizers, and protestors arrested at social justice protests in the Los Angeles area; coordinates Know Your Rights trainings for movement partners and supports decriminalization advocacy and organizing efforts. For more information on the Guild’s mass defense work or for opportunities to get involved, please reach out to