6.30.22 Press Release: National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles demands an end to the LAPD’s violent use of force against abortion rights protestors, journalists, and Legal Observers

Media Contact: Rebecca Brown Phone: (860) 944-5111 Email: Rebecca@nlg-la.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: JUNE 30, 2022 NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD OF LOS ANGELES DEMANDS AN END TO THE LAPD’S VIOLENT USE OF FORCE AGAINST ABORTION RIGHTS PROTESTERS, JOURNALISTS, AND LEGAL OBSERVERS LOS ANGELES, CA – Today the National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles (NLG-LA) held a press conference […]

National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles Statement Against Overturning Roe v. Wade and in Support of Comprehensive Reproductive Freedom

National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles (NLG LA) strongly condemns today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (Docket No. 19-1392) to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case protecting people’s autonomy in seeking an abortion, as well as Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Furthermore, we urgently denounce the […]

NLG and Advocacy Organizations Release Report Documenting LASD’s Targeted Harassment of Grieving Families

“No Justice, No Peace” is a new report issued by the National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles, the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, the Centro Community Service Organization, and the Check the Sheriff Coalition that details the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s targeted harassment of grieving families, whose loved […]

NLG LA Condemns LAPD’s Militant Use of Force against Protestors Advocating on Behalf of Unhoused Residents at Echo Park Lake

Last night, more than 200 people gathered in Echo Park to exercise their First Amendment Rights to protest the Los Angeles Police Department’s (“LAPD”) massive sweep of the houseless encampment community at Echo Park Lake. They were met by several hundred LAPD officers in riot gear who proceeded to brutalize, kettle, and detain not only […]

The NLG LA’s Mass Protest Defense Committee Gets Beverly Hills To Dismiss Unconstitutional Criminal Charges Against Protestors

On June 26, 2020, over two dozen protestors marching in Beverly Hills in support of Black lives  and to protest the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were arrested by the  Beverly Hills Police Department (“BHPD”) and held overnight, and for nearly a full additional  day, in custody. When they were finally released, […]

#GivingTuesday Now #MoreThanEver

Now more than ever, the National Lawyers Guild of L.A. is in the streets, often numerous times a day, fighting for the rights of protesters and challenging  police abuses. In support of Black Lives Matter, housing rights, immigrants rights, and other movements, we provide Legal Observers for their protests and defend those arrested in the […]

Federal Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of George Floyd Solidarity Protesters

Black Lives Matter of Los Angeles (BLM-LA) and Los Angeles Community Action Network (LACAN) just filed a federal class action lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for excessive force and civil rights violations against George Floyd Solidarity protesters. The suit seeks damages, declaratory, and injunctive relief on behalf of a class of thousands […]

Ask an Attorney Hour – Know Your Rights During COVID-19

ASK QUESTIONS TO A HOUSING / TENANTS’ RIGHTS ATTORNEY! In response to community need, we’ll be hosting a weekly “Ask an Attorney” hour where tenants can ask questions to housing and workers’ rights attorneys. You can tune in Thursday’s at 5pm using the call-in information below. HERE IS A LINK to spread the word to your friends […]

You Are Invited – 2020 NLG-LA Annual Dinner!

Dear Friend of the Guild,  Due to the ongoing health crisis, this year’s NLG-LA Annual Awards Dinner will be held in a virtual format on Sunday, August 16, 2020, at 5:00pm. While we had hoped to convene in person, it looks like it will not be safe to hold large gatherings by August. The annual […]

NLG-LA 2019 Year In Review

Dear Guild Members, We hope this letter finds you well. It is time again for our annual membership renewal drive, and we are excited to update you on the Guild’s work. In the face of federal policies that oppress the most vulnerable, chip away human rights, tear apart families, offend human dignity, and threaten the […]