Photos and Honoree Histories – Winter Awards Party 2018

The NLG-LA Winter Awards Party, on December 1, 2018, honored some of our longtime Guild members who have been with the Guild for four to five decades and have built it into what it is today. More than one hundred friends of the Guild came together to celebrate the rich history of the chapter. This was […]

NLG-LA Legal Observers Support Migrant Caravan

NLG-LA Condemns Trump’s Unconstitutional Promise to End Birthright Citizenship 

National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles (NLG-LA) Condemns Trump’s Unconstitutional Promise to End Birthright Citizenship We at National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles (NLG-LA) are appalled by Donald Trump’s statement that he intends to sign an executive order which would “remove the right to citizenship for babies of non-citizens and unauthorized immigrants born on U.S.-soil.” We unequivocally […]

2018 NLG-LA Voter Guide!

Dear Guild Members and Friends A lot is at stake on November 6th. Big changes are needed in our region, state and nation to protect human rights, dismantle state violence and oppression, and ensure a livable climate. Despite the limitations of the ballot box, there are important initiatives that deserve our attention and our vote. Notably, our […]