#GivingTuesday Now #MoreThanEver

Now more than ever, the National Lawyers Guild of L.A. is in the streets, often numerous times a day, fighting for the rights of protesters and challenging  police abuses. In support of Black Lives Matter, housing rights, immigrants rights, and other movements, we provide Legal Observers for their protests and defend those arrested in the courts.

To meet this increased need, we have now hired a Mass Defense Committee Coordinator. She will enhance our courtroom defense work, our work organizing pro-bono attorneys to help with jail support, and continuing to pressure prosecuting agencies to abide by their commitment NOT TO FILE cases against protesters arrested on low-level violations.

Please invest in our social justice work today and help us:

-Advance Legal Observer Training to monitor law enforcement at protests (over 200 trained to date with many more needed).

-Increase Know Your Rights training to inform protesters of their FREE SPEECH RIGHTS.

-Host more State Bar authorized Continuing Legal Education Seminars to train attorneys about core legal community needs and recruit more volunteers

-Create a Police Misconduct Roundtable to mentor, train and support young lawyers.

-Expand our Immigration Rights Clinics to give more free legal advice to immigrants.

-Continue our extensive Housing Committee work and legal services

Increase outreach and legal advice of our Workers Rights and Immigrant Rights Committees.
gofundme here: https://bit.ly/36opFfh

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