2020 Awards Celebration Thank You

A Heartfelt Thank you from NLG-LA 2020 Awards Celebration Committee and Chair, Patrick Dunlevy

As chair of the committee that planned the Annual Awards Celebration, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you (you being our planning committee members, honorees, emcee, video speakers, pledge pitchers, musicians, technical director, video creators, phone callers, texters, logo animator, and journal designer) for all you did to help put on our awards event this year. A lot of time and effort went into making this year’s program. You should know what I just said is true because much of that time and effort was yours. I very much appreciate your contribution, and I know it made a real difference. What you did helped build a product that was well worth watching. I think our finished program had a lot to say, was a fitting tribute to a deserving group of honorees, and reflected very well on NLG-LA.

More than this, I would like to thank all of you who contributed to the financial success of our NLG-LA 2020 Awards Celebration by becoming a sponsor or host, buying tickets or ads, or contributing money during the pledge pitch. Without the financial support you have provided, NLG-LA would be severely limited in what it is able to accomplish. With the support you have provided, NLG-LA will be much better able to address the injustice and inequity that exists here in Los Angeles and in our nation as a whole. Your support has made and will continue to make a big difference.

Thank you all very much for what you have done.

Patrick Dunlevy, on behalf of NLG-Board and 2020 Awards Celebration Committee

If you want to see and enjoy for the first time or for the next time, click  http://nlgla.online/

If you want to see and enjoy the 2020 Awards Celebration Journal, click NLG_LA 2020 Journal

We hope to see you in person at the 2021 Awards Celebration.  Be Smart, Stay Safe and THANK YOU


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