Resources for Arrestees


If you or someone you know was arrested in LA at George Floyd Solidarity protests, please have the arrestee fill out this form to be included in our mass defense network (if they have not already done so).


Most people in LA are getting out of jail with no bail if they are arrested for protest/curfew offenses. However, a smaller number of people booked for more serious offenses are being held in jail unless they can pay bail. For assistance paying bail, contact the Bail Project at 1-833-425-6827.


Please fill out this form to document police civil rights violations or excessive force:

Attorneys recently filed a civil rights class action lawsuit for damages for everyone who was arrested and tightly handcuffed for hours and for everyone shot with a projectile or struck with a baton. It is a class action so you are automatically included in the lawsuit if you were subjected to these types of excessive force. You do not need to take any action to be included in the class at this point. 


The Immigrant Defenders Law Center has established an email hotline for immigration questions related to the ongoing protests. Here is their official statement and email for those questions: “We honor the autonomy of your choice to protest but if you are undocumented we urge you to keep in mind of the fact that arrests may lead to ICE detention where there are little protections to COVID-19 outbreaks, and having an attorney does not guarantee you release. For those who have been arrested and need legal assistance due to immigration status, please email”


Do you have any employment-related questions or concerns either relating to your arrest or otherwise? Do you have any questions or concerns relating to unemployment insurance benefits, state disability insurance, or paid family leave?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, please leave a voicemail at 323-939-0506, ext. 415, to request an appointment at the Bet Tzedek Legal Services Workers’ Rights Clinic (held virtually every Wednesday).  Advanced registration required. The consultation, and all legal services, are free of charge.
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