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Lawyers Guild Show returns this Wednesday at 2:00pm! (KPFK 90.7 FM)

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The Bleeding Edge Documentary Film PosterJoin Jim Lafferty on his first post-summer holiday edition of the The Lawyers Guild radio show on September 5th. The show will feature a discussion of Bleeding Edge, an expose film about the lack of regulation of the billion dollar medical devices industry–medical devices that have already caused untold numbers of permanent disabilities. The mainstream media refuses to give this film any publicity, as they are beholden to big pharma. Their film is available now on Netflix.

The show will feature the following guests:

Ms. Amy Ziering, Producer
Academy and Emmy award nominated film producer Amy Ziering specializes in social issue and political documentaries known for their hard-hitting investigative reporting. (Amy appeared on the Lawyers Guild Hour in 2013 to speak about her and Kirby’s academy award nominated documentary about Rape in the Military: Invisible War).

Mr. Kirby Dick, Director
Kirby Dick is an Oscar nominated filmmaker who has been making critically-acclaimed documentaries for the past twenty years. A.O. Scott of the New York Times says, “…documentary filmmaker Kirby Dick has become one of the indispensable muckrakers of American cinema, zeroing in on frequently painful stories about how power functions in the absence or failure of accountability.” (Kirby appeared on the Lawyers Guild Hour in 2013 to speak about his and Amy’s academy award nominated documentary about Rape in the Military: Invisible War).

Ms. Amy Firmalino, Founder of E-Sisters Group, Featured in Film
Amy Firmalinon, after much pain and discomfort, discovered that the essure implant, originally inserted in her fallopian tubes, had become dislodged and migrated to her uterus. She had the device removed, but that procedure left behind metal fragments that ravaged her reproductive system. She was alarmed that other women, unaware of the potential dangers, were still receiving the Essure implant. She started a Facebook group called Essure Problems to warn her friends and family about the device, and the group is now a forum for more than 36,000 women, some of whom say doctors, regulators and Essure’s maker have not taken their concerns seriously.
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Ms. Tammy Jackson, Featured in Film
Tammy experienced complications from Mesh. Boston Scientific knowingly used unstable plastic in its vaginal mesh implants. The implants led to injuries in thousands of women, according to a 60 Minutes report broadcast on May 13, 2018. The 60 Minutes report focuses on Boston Scientific. But, a handful of other companies also make vaginal mesh with polypropylene. Companies in lawsuits include Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon subsidiary.
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Hope you can join us!

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