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The Guild’s strength comes from collaborations and friendships between the incredible radical attorneys, legal workers, and activists in our ranks. We are asking all members to consider joining the Guild’s new mentorship program to form a meaningful bond with another Guild member.


What: Our Next Generation Committee (NextGen) has created a mentorship program to match experienced attorneys, legal workers, and activists with newer Guild members.

Why: Meeting someone further along in their legal and/or activist career path can help new Guild members as they forge their own paths.

How: Mentors and mentees will be matched according to their interests. The mentorship commitment is flexible and open-ended, accommodating participants’ schedules. Ideally, the relationship should last for at least one year, with a minimum of four meetings during the course of that year. Mentor-mentee pairs can discuss their interest areas, career goals, challenges, activist projects, or whatever else they choose! Mentors will be assigned to mentees this fall.

Who: Progressive attorneys, legal workers, and activists with experience to share are encouraged to sign up as mentors. Those looking for guidance on their career and activist projects are encouraged to sign up as mentees.

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Questions: For any questions, please contact Jenna at 

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