NLG-LA Defending Activists in the Courts

April 14, 2015: "Die-in on Blue Line train tracks. #ShutDownA14 #DTLA" @HelloKommie

by John Raphling

Lawyers' Guild and other appointed lawyers, including John Raphling, Meredith Symonds and Cynthia Anderson-Barker are currently representing protesters arrested during the April 14, 2015 action highlighting police violence and police murder.  The prosecution has charged violations of Penal Code section 369i (disrupting a railroad); Vehicle Code section 2800 (failing to obey a police officer); and Penal Code section 647C (maliciously blocking a street or sidewalk). 

L.A. Guild joins climate change & anti-poverty protest in Hollywood

On Saturday, September 12th, a diverse crowd of several hundred protesters marched from Hollywood and Vine to the front of the Mann Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd., protesting the escalating destruction of planet Earth's livability. Organized by the ANSWER Coalition and the prestigious California Center for Biodiversity, and endorsed by numerous other environmental groups, as well as other progressive groups, the themes of the day included the issue of poverty and racial injustice as well as the issue of climate change.

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