Guild Workers' Rights Committee Re-inauguration Big Success!

NLG Workers Rights Committee Inaugeration march 22 2016.jpg

The Workers' Rights Committee is back! The March 22nd kickoff event was a big success. A panel featuring ROC's Kathy Hoang, AAAJ's Yanin Senachai, and the Guild's own Eli Naduris-Weissman focused on ROC's efforts to organize workers at Fuga, and AAAJ's and the Guild's work supporting them.

Fuga, a local restaurant, had been underpaying the staff and conditions in the kitchen were unsafe. The staff sent a delegation to the owner to address these grievances. The owner responded particularly viciously to the staff's demands and attempted to sue some of the leaders individually for defamation and obtain restraining orders. At this point AAAJ became involved along with guild member Eli Naduris-Weissman who collectively secured legal victories for the targeted workers. Overall, the discussion provided a good example of progressive lawyering responding to the real needs of community organizers in order to achieve real gains for workers.

Following the panel there was socializing until the labor center closed its doors. Keep a look out for future events!